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Repair Your Finances With Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Turn to us for financial help in Greensburg or Monroeville, PA

t's never easy dealing with financial issues. But, if you can't cover your debts, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be your best option. Nicotero & Lowden, P.C. can help you navigate your filing.

As your bankruptcy attorney, we can work with the courts and creditors to reach a reasonable deal for all parties. With a plan in place, you can repair your finances and enjoy a debt-free future.

For bankruptcy filing in the Monroeville or Greensburg, PA region, talk to Nicotero & Lowden.

Learn what's involved with Chapter 13 bankruptcy

As one of the most common bankruptcy options, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is fairly straightforward. When you file with Nicotero & Lowden, we'll:

  • Negotiate your debt down to a reasonable total
  • Develop a repayment schedule that works with your income
  • Schedule court-ordered credit counseling to help you with management

Get your financial life back on track with the help of a bankruptcy attorney in Monroeville or Greensburg, PA. Speak with our office now to schedule a meeting.