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Keep Your Children's Best Interests Front of Mind

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When you and your partner decide to separate, the decision doesn't just affect you. It also impacts your children. Make the transition easier with the help of a child custody lawyer at Nicotero & Lowden, P.C. Over the years, we've helped numerous parents in the Monroeville and Greensburg, PA areas draft fair and equitable custody agreements. You can rest easy knowing that we'll put your children's needs first while working through the negotiations.

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Come to an amicable agreement

You want what's best for your children, especially during these trying times. A trusted custody lawyer from Nicotero & Lowden, P.C. can help both you and your partner stay involved in your children's lives after a divorce.

We'll consider all sides of the situation, including:

  • Your children's wishes
  • The location of your residences
  • Holiday schedules
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