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Not Ready For Divorce?

File for separation with the help of a family lawyer in Monroeville or Greensburg, PA

If you and your spouse want to live separate lives without getting a divorce, consider filing for legal separation. You can count on the experienced team at Nicotero & Lowden, P.C. to explain the details.

Although your financial and personal matters will be separate from your partner's, you'll still be legally married. A separation can give you and your partner the space you need to work out issues.

Contact us today to learn more about moving forward with a legal separation in Monroeville or Greensburg, PA.

Make sure your separation is legally binding

Even if you and your spouse separate on good terms, it's important to hire a skilled lawyer to mediate the details. The highly trained team at Nicotero & Lowden,, P.C. knows that a separation isn't legally binding unless you sign a notarized document.

We'll help you draft this agreement by outlining all aspects of your legal separation, including:

  • Division of assets
  • Alimony and child support agreements
  • Custody and visitation rights
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